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I just wanted to tell you that your program is the only one I have found to be a reliable phone recording program. It worked perfectly the very first time.

George (USA)

  Good Job!
I needed a phone recording system for my small business. I tried XXX and a few others, all of them gave me one problem or another, could not even get XXX to record the phone! Yours works flawlessly, and the sound quality of the recorded messages is the best.

Ed (UK)

  Thank you!
I am so happy cause i have found this so excellent software EzPhone Recorder, which is very reliable first of all, is very simple (i have spend hours and hours working on other applications, trying to configure them) and most of all it... WORKS. Thank you so much.

Joe (Canada)


Online Order EzPhone Recorder 1.1

EzPhone Recorder is a trial-ware, you can FREE try this fully functional call recording software for 15 days. To keep it, you need to purchase EzPhone Recorder and obtain a license key. It costs you US$49.95.

You can order it by using your credit card or PayPal account. Your payment will be processed by a third-party registration service BMTMicro who is the leading registration services on the internet and your transaction will be fully secure between your computer and their servers. Once your transaction is completed, you can instantly obtain a license key by clicking here. To order EzPhone Recorder now, please click on the following button or text link. 

Purchase call recording software

Online Order Using Credit Card Through BMTMicro

Obtain a License Key For EzPhone Recorder 1.1

If you have just purchased EzPhone Recorder and need a new license key, or if you have already paid for it but somehow lost the original key and require a replacement, you can request it by clicking the link below. This service is FREE for all paid users and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can simply click the link below to fill in a request form, the license key will be automatically generated and emailed to you within a few seconds.

Request an EzPhone Recorder License Key

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