Your privacy is very important to us and we respect your right to this. Therefore, we do not collect any piece of your personal information in the software. If you volunteer your information to us (e.g. through E-mail correspondence), we will not make this information available to anyone else.

Request License Key

If you have already purchased EzPhone Recorder, and you need a license key. You can obtain the key automatically by submitting the request form below. Your license key will be generated automatically and emailed to you within a few seconds. This service is FREE for paid users only.

Obtain an EzPhone Recorder License Key

Reporting Bugs

If you find bugs or have problems in using EzPhone Recorder, be sure to read the frequently asked questions FAQ before you send us an E-mail. If your questions or similar problems have already been discussed in the FAQ, your E-mail will simply be discarded and you will not be hearing from us.

However we do welcome you to report bugs, it is you and only you can make this product better and better. Therefore if you encounter bugs or problems that we are not aware of, please do E-mail us.

Exchange Links

If you want to exchange links with this site, please click Links page to find out details. Please note, if you follow the instructions on our links page, your link will be added automatically and instantly. Because of this, we do not manually process any link exchange request. Any email request for link exchange will directly go to junk mail folder.

Software Distribution Rights

If you are interested in distributing or bundling unregistered version of EzPhone Recorder either online or through other means without charging us any money, your rights are hereby granted. You can start distributing it now. However your E-mail notification will be greatly appreciated. 

If you want to bundle registered version of EzPhone Recorder with your product or service, please E-mail us directly with detailed info as how you want this to proceed. We will usually offer a competitive price and your E-mail will be answered within two business days. 

Our Email Address

If you have comments or suggestions that you want to let us know, we can be quickly reached by E-mail. More importantly, we encourage you to request new features that you would like to see in the next few releases. We will prioritize user requests and bring them into this product. Our email address is:

Before you send us any emails, please make sure the above address is on your allowed contact list. So your spam control software will not block our reply. 

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